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Prom Fundraising Update

Prom is two weeks away and fundraising efforts are now rounding the final stretch. The teen planning committee and Polestar set a goal of $3,700 to cover costs of venue, food/beverage, music and decor. Last year's Prom was generously funded by a single large donation. This year, however, the teen planning committee was on their own to raise the necessary funds. As of today, they are nearly 3/4 of the way to their end goal, having raised $2,425.

Generous donations have been provided by several area businesses, but most of the funds have come from individuals giving $10 and $20. If you were thinking about donating, please consider doing so today. You can donate directly through the website by going to the Prom page and clicking the "donate now" button. And to those who have already given, thank you!!

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