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Youth Board Member Sought

Polestar is seeking a young person to join its Board of Directors. This unique opportunity would provide invaluable leadership experience in a non-profit setting.

When Polestar's Exploratory Committee was writing the bylaws, they included a special provision that reserves one seat on the Board of Directors for an individual aged 18-24. It was the intent for this provision to keep the Board continually keyed in to the specific needs of LGBT+ youth.

This opportunity also offers the young person a rare chance to learn about non-profit operations from the top down. It will allow young people to develop leadership skills in a deeply impactful manner. The youth seat is anticipated to be filled for a year, but may be more or less to match availability. It would require attending monthly board meetings. A member of the Board will work closely with the youth representative to help them navigate the world of non-profit leadership.

For more information on this position, please email us at

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