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Take a moment to think about it.  Where is the LGBT+ Community in Traverse City and the surrounding areas?  Where do you go to meet and socialize with others?  If you wanted to find LGBT+ services, where would you go?  How do you find out about LGBT+ related activities and social groups?  If we only had a dollar for every time we've heard someone say "where are our people?"  Polestar LGBT+ Community Center was formed to directly address those questions.  We envision a central location that could provide some or all of the following: 



How wonderful would it be to have a place that could act as an information repository, connecting the LGBT+ Community to each other as well as to the businesses and services that are friendly and accepting?  We would like to see a community events calendar that promotes activities and social events.  We'd let you know when Pride Week is, when Northern Pride - We're Out and About meets, and all other gatherings.  Beyond this, we'd like to create a directory for LGBT+ friendly businesses that can be used by tourists and locals alike.  We'd also create directories to LGBT+ friendly and related health services.



The Board of Directors envisions a place where you can go to hang out, drink a coffee, and chat with others.  We'd love to have a place where we could throw potluck dinners, watch movies, have book clubs, and host other social activities. 



It would be amazing to eventually have a place with meeting rooms where we can host guest speakers and workshops, small learning/social groups, and peer-to-peer support groups.



We believe at this point, the potential for an LGBT+ Community Center is virtually infinite.  We envision a central hub in Traverse City, but one that would serve people in the surrounding 5-county+ area.  We envision offering services to full time and seasonal residents, as well as the many tourists who visit our area every year.  In the end, you, the larger LGBT+ Community, will define the center.  Your voice and your input counts!

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