Board of Directors

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Chairperson - Jocelyn Link


If there's one thing that has always made sense to Jocelyn, it's numbers.  In fact, they made so much sense that she went to school and got herself a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting through Ferris State University.  Now she works at Crystal Mountain as an Internal Auditor.  As an adopted child, Jocelyn is aware that sometimes, all you need in life is a place to call home. She hopes that through Polestar he can create a place that everyone in the LGBT+ community can call home.

Vice-Chairperson - John Young


John recently retired from his job with Envoy (a subsidiary of American Airlines) to devote more time to Polestar. One of the original Exploratory Committee members, he was instrumental in doing the initial research to get this whole thing started.  He is passionate about providing services and programs to all members of the LGBT+ community, but feels youth programming is particularly needed.

Christina Walsh


Christina comes to Northern Michigan from California and has lived in Traverse City since 2009, where she studied Social Work at Northwestern Michigan College and Ferris State University. For many years she has been dedicated to helping the most vulnerable members of our community, from those experiencing a housing crisis to members struggling with addiction. Christina is passionate about improving connections and services for LGBT+ community members and hopes to help create a cohesive environment of unity between all those living in our area.

Inaugural Board and Exploratory Committee


Polestar wouldn't be where it was today if not for the hard work and dedication of its initial Exploratory Committee and Inaugural Board of Directors.  We are grateful for all they have done to lay the foundation.  

The Exploratory Committee Members were:

  • Eddie Grim

  • John Young

  • Rebekah Fuller

  • Ruth Spalding

  • Emily Fern

The Inaugural Board of Directors were:

  • Rebekah Fuller

  • John Young

  • Ruth Spalding

  • Jocelyn Link

  • Caroline Gersch Leff

  • Michelle Peters

  • Bella Larabee