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March 2017



The second show in Falling Down Stairs Productions benefit comedy series has passed.  The show raised $808 in donations, bringing February’s total donations to $1,688.  Polestar’s total fundraising goal for 2017 is $25,000, with donations going to open an actual brick-and-mortar location, as well as provide events, programs, and services.  Falling Down Stairs’ shows are extremely important in helping us reach that goal!  If you missed the last show, below is a list of upcoming shows:

3/18 @ Studio Anatomy

4/1 @ the Parlor

4/15 @ Studio Anatomy

Doors open at 8pm, shows start at 9pm, and entry is a suggested $10 donation.  



Polestar’s mission is to Educate, Advocate, and Connect.  With that goal in mind, we are excited to announce that one of our Board members is participating in Northwest Michigan’s ALPACT initiative.  Meeting once a month, ALPACT brings together law enforcement, prosecutors, local government officials, faith-based leaders, and advocacy groups, to talk openly about issues that face their communities and to strengthen their relationships and build a culture of trust.  Our participation gives us the rare opportunity to advocate for the rights and safety of our LGBT+ community throughout our 5 county service area and beyond!



We could use the help of one or two volunteers to help us poster the town on March 19th in advance of the April comedy shows.  If you are available and interested to help for an hour or two in the afternoon, please send us an email at

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